Senior Dental Care Top Five Tips

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As we age dental care becomes exceedingly essential. Maintaining oral health is not only important for your mouth but for your overall well-being as well. After all, glitches with your teeth and gums can be throbbing and devastating. They can disturb your appearance, nutritional intake, ability to communicate, and much more. Most importantly, dental care is a lot more than brushing and flossing the teeth twice a day. One needs to follow several tips to uphold oral health.
This blog proposes to explicate the tips seniors should follow for proper dental care.

Top Five Tips For Senior Dental Care

  • Brushing

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Brushing teeth in the morning to remove the bacteria and plaque that has built up overnight, is the most important step. Besides, brushing it again at night just before going to bed is vital. Dentists suggest brushing for at least two minutes a day. It is suggested to use a brush with soft spikes. Move softly around the mouth cleaning each tooth in turn. Be careful to sidestep any areas. Substitute a toothbrush every three months to sustain the efficiency of the bristles.

  • Flossing

To put it in simple words, brushing only isn’t sufficient. Use dental tape or floss to support cleaning between the teeth. This helps to eradicate the stockpile of plaque in between the teeth. Well, up to 85% of dental issues relate to areas between the teeth, it is hence vital to practice flossing regularly. Use an interdental brush for larger breaches.

  • Electric Toothbrush

For better teeth cleaning, you may use an electric toothbrush that offers better performance compared to the standard manual ones. A mechanical toothbrush consists of a substitutable brush head sized to cup around the tooth for more effectual and faster-cleaning action. There are a number of top brands in the dental industry manufacturing electric toothbrushes for adults and children.

  • Oral Irrigators

Oral irrigators are a substitute for dental floss or tape. It produces a rushing stream of water to clear plaque in the hard-to-reach areas between the teeth. Examinations display that using an oral irrigator with regular brushing helps remove nearly 95% more plaque compared to brushing alone. This pressurized steam of water helps with improving gum health by a noteworthy margin. It also reduces the effect of calculus and gingivitis after a period of three or four weeks.

  • Mouthwash

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As you rinse the mouth with mouthwash it increases the possibility of reaching areas of the mouth that cannot be reached by using the toothbrush alone. You are recommended to use the mouthwash first thing in the morning and the last thing at night, once brushing the teeth is done. Alcohol-free mouthwash is habitually ideal. Alcohol, to put in simple words, can act as an irritant leaving the mouth dry. This lessens the saliva present in the mouth. Subsequently, the teeth are more exposed to the stockpile of bacteria.

Regular Appointments with Professional Dental Care Specialists Are Imperative

Visiting your dentist regularly can help avoid dental problems and keep your teeth healthy. Dentist Toluca Lake recommends sharing medical conditions or medications you’re taking. If you are suffering from dry mouth tissue, the dentist may suggest solutions to help improve this condition. Eating healthy foods is essential to avoid tooth decay. Smoking is damaging to your oral health.

Senior Dental Care Toluca Lake

Remind your loved ones if they are forgetful. You may choose to set reminders as well. If they can’t floss appropriately, speak to the dentist to see if supplementary tools or techniques could help. Give us a call at 818-483-9077 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Sahakyan, at My Dentist Toluca Lake.

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