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Holistic dentistry is what we also call biologic dentistry. The process takes into account the patients’ overall health and the dental health of the patient. It tends to emphasize the unrecognized impact of the toxins and infections that can cause harm to an individual. Subsequently, it focuses on the non-toxic restorative material approach towards things.

We as the Holistic Dentists do

  • The approach that holistic dentists like us follow is way different than the normal dentists across the globe. We have been a pioneer in this industry since ages and have catered to more than a lakh patient.
  • Holistic dentists follow a very rich and holistic approach. We understand that the mouth is not an instrument. Besides all the procedures that happen on your mouth or body parts will have a very lasting effect on your body. Besides, we understand that whatever happens in your body, positive or negative, will have serious effects on your mouth. They have created an understanding between the mouths in the body. We also do the same and make sure that the best approach for your dental health is followed in our clinic.
  • We do not use biocompatible materials. This is because the biocompatible materials are toxic to the body. You can go through our blogs to know more about the products we use and how safe they are.
  • This approach is entirely preventive as it focuses on preventing the oral health diseases that one can get.
  • We have a good understanding of all the bacterias that are associated with medicines and treatments. We use the highest level of sterilization especially during tough times like right now.
  • Holistic dentists all over the globe use ozone as it is charged with oxygen. Besides, it is a very good disinfectant. We also use ozone in our treatments so that we can treat our patients in the right way.
  • Holistic dentists do not compromise on nutrition, as it is a very important element for fast recovery. If you have any infection, you need to have the right kind of food that is rich in nutrition. It makes the patient more receptive to dental treatment and acts as a perfect healer.
  • We tend to reduce the radiation exposure that our patients have in holistic dentistry. We have the most advanced digital x-ray systems that have minimal exposure to harmful radiation.

Issues Regarding Holistic Dentistry

It is important to know that holistic dentistry might be a total hit right now but it also has some disadvantages. Since the dentist doesn’t recommend fluoride, patients might have tooth decay. Fluoride prevents cavities in children and adults. People who are exposed to fluoride are better fit for this treatment. They are also put up in toothpaste and mouthwash for better results. We guarantee you the best holistic dentistry results as we have the world-class doctors who have been in this industry for a large amount of time.

It is important to note that we recommend pulling out the truth. Pulling out the tooth may seem like a better option. However, we take care to retain your natural teeth. Missing teeth can also be very challenging for you later. Chewing food will become harder and the gap in your gums can be very painful.

Why Us?

We are a leading dentist Toluca Lake and we promise the best treatment for Holistic Dentistry Toluca Lake. Get in touch with us and book yourself an appointment at Toluca Lake Dentist for the most satisfactory and helpful results.

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