Wisdom Tooth Extraction Toluca Lake: Why and How

wisdom tooth

Wisdom teeth refer to the set of four permanent teeth found at the back corner of the mouth. They are in sets of two each at the top and bottom jaws. Sometimes, a wisdom tooth may not find sufficient space in the gum line to grow. We refer to such a tooth as an impacted wisdom tooth which may cause potential dental problems in the future.
These may include tooth pain, tooth or gum infection, or other similar dental issues. In this case, it may need to be extracted by a professional dentist. Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Toluca Lake cannot be performed by any dentist. You may consult an expert oral surgeon, Dr. Sahakyan, at My Dentist Toluca Lake for guidance on wisdom tooth extraction. He has years of experience in wisdom tooth removals.

Why Wisdom Tooth Extraction Is Important

Wisdom teeth or third molars are usually the last set of permanent teeth to emerge. They generally come between the age of 17 and 25 years. While some people may never face any problems with their wisdom teeth, for some, it may be quite a painful affair.
Such people get impacted wisdom teeth, i.e., their teeth didn’t get enough room to grow inside the mouth or develop normally. In this case, impacted wisdom teeth may erupt only partially or not at all.
If you too feel that your wisdom teeth aren’t displaying normal growth, consult your dentist in Toluca Lake for an expert opinion. They’d examine your teeth thoroughly and check for any potential dangers the impacted wisdom teeth may cause in the future.
Sometimes, the dentists at My Dentist Toluca Lake might recommend extraction even if there’s no current issue with wisdom teeth. This is because impacted wisdom teeth may sometimes cause other dental problems later on such as:

  • Damage to surrounding teeth: Impacted wisdom teeth are the additional set of molars, which may sometimes push against the other molars. They might then cause dental pain and bite problems.
  • Damage to the jaw: Sometimes cysts may get formed around the newly impacted teeth. If left untreated, they might hollow out the jaw and cause nerve damage.
  • Sinus: Toluca Lake dentist says that impacted wisdom teeth may sometimes result in sinus-related pain, pressure, and congestion.
  • Gum inflammation: When wisdom teeth don’t erupt normally, they may cause tissues around the area to swell up. Besides that, the area may even be difficult to clean. Most important, inflamed gums may be favorable to bacterial and cavity growth.
  • Misalignment: Impacted wisdom teeth can even result in the crowding of neighboring teeth. Besides that, one may need to get the other teeth straightened as well.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Process

You’d first need to visit My Dentist Toluca Lake and see one of our professional experts for assistance. They’d examine your teeth and guide you through the whole procedure followed for the extraction of wisdom teeth in Toluca Lake.
They’d first take an X-ray of your full mouth. This is to check which teeth they should remove. They use local anesthesia so you do not feel any pain. They’d then make a small incision in the gum to access the wisdom tooth. A small part of the bone that covers the impacted tooth may also need to be removed.
Your dentist in Toluca Lake might have to seal the gum with dissolving stitches after the procedure. The stitches generally dissolve on their own within 7-10 days. In case of infection or unbearable pain, they may also prescribe antibiotics and painkillers.
Wisdom tooth extraction is a simple and painless procedure carried out effectively in My Dentist Toluca Lake dental clinic. Call 818-483-9077 today to book an appointment for your wisdom tooth extraction. Our professional staff would be only happy to assist.

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