CEREC Same-Day Crowns

cerec crown

What Are CEREC Same-Day Crowns?

cerec crown

They are slightly different from conventional dental crowns. This is because the latter may involve the patient to take at least two sittings with the dentist of Toluca Lake. Besides that, it would take at least one week before a damaged tooth can be restored. However, with CEREC same-day crowns, tooth restoration can be achieved within just one day.

These single-day crowns are generally made of ceramic. We also call them as CEREC crowns. These crowns are a gift of the latest CAD/CAM technology and are popular at My Dentist Toluca Lake clinic. This technology enables crown fixing in just a few hours and takes only one single dentist appointment. Besides that, it does away with the need for a temporary crown.

Why Choose CEREC Same-Day Crowns at Our Clinic?

cerec crown

There are several advantages of getting CEREC Same-Day Crowns at Toluca Lake. Here are a few:

  1. Time-saving – These kinds of crowns can easily be fixed in a single setting. No extra appointments needed.
  2. Cost-effective – Because there’s no need for additional appointments, these crowns save money too. Besides that, you can avoid the cost of getting a temporary crown.
  3. More comfortable – There’s no need to apply putty-like or gooey impression pastes to help set the crown. Therefore, CEREC same-day crowns are more comfortable to wear for a longer time.
  4. Prevent dental injury –Dental crowns help prevent accidental injury to the tooth. Temporary crowns help achieve this purpose until the permanent ones ready. However, they may not fit well and may also come out easily. But you can avoid this problem with same-day crowns because they’re fitted immediately. Besides that, they also require less drilling and therefore help save more of the tooth, keeping it stronger.
  5. Prevent tooth decay – Dislodged temporary crowns may become the leading cause for caries or dental cavity. However, you can rest assured with same-day crowns.
  6. Immediate restoration of the tooth – You can restore all your day-to-day functions like speech, smile, and eating with CEREC same-day crowns.

How Do CEREC Same-Day Crowns Work?

CEREC technology makes use of an infrared camera that informs the CAD software of the precise shape of your tooth. All this information is visible on the computer screen to the patient sitting at the dental chair. This is why same-day crowns are also often known as chair-side crowns.

Then, a simple electronic data transfer sends the restoration data to the CAM milling station. The station finishes milling out the crown within 20-30 minutes. The CAM mill would also carve the crown to match the exact specifications. These include the general shape of the tooth and the outlines of the tooth’s chewing surface.

The mill also uses a color that closely matches that of your tooth. The milled tooth is then polished to lend a similar look to your natural tooth. The finished crown is then set by your dentist at Toluca Lake using dental cement. The dentists take 1-1.5 hours to handle the entire process.

Taking Care of Your Same-Day Crowns

You may want to check with your Toluca Lake dentist on how to look after your new crown. They’d advise you of the necessary measures to follow for ensuring that the crown stays in place and lasts longer. These include general oral hygiene habits such as brushing, flossing, using interdental cleaners, and diet to prevent damage to the crown.

You may call (818) 483-9077 to book an appointment with Dr. Sahakyan for assistance on CEREC Same-Day Crowns.

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