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A visit to the dentist can often be accompanied by slight nervousness. This is perhaps because of the fear of the unknown; of what’s going to happen at the dentist’s office. To help patients relax in the treatment chair, the Toluca Lake dentist clinic uses a procedure known as sedation dentistry making use of Nitrous Oxide.

What Is Nitrous Oxide?

It’s a colorless and odorless gas, popularly known by the name of laughing gas. The gas works by slowing down the time your body takes to react to any situation that it’s put through. This means that upon inhalation, the gas can help the patient reach a calm and relaxed state of mind. This can help relieve a person of pain by serving as a mild sedative. For this reason, nitrous oxide dentists commonly use it as part of sedation dentistry in dental clinics.

Nitrous Oxide in Toluca Lake


Some patients can experience a particular phobia at the very thought of entering a dentist’s office. For this reason, they may sometimes even prolong or ignore treatment completely. Either case doesn’t help them in the long run, yet there isn’t much that can help get over their fear either. This is where sedation dentistry can help.
By administering nitrous oxide to the patient via an oxygen mask, the expert dentist in Toluca Lake, Dr. Sahakyan, helps relax incoming patients seated at the treatment chair. The gas is generally used as a local sedation procedure. It not only helps promote relaxation but also produces a feeling of pleasure (thus the name laughing gas) in the patient’s mind.
They then start forgetting the pain associated with the treatment, rather get distracted easily from the sensation, and start relaxing more. This, therefore, makes it easy for Toluca Lake dentist to perform the dental procedure.

How We Use Nitrous Oxide in Toluca Lake Dental Clinic

My Dentist Toluca Lake makes use of nitrous oxide gas to make patients more comfortable during dental procedures. It’s essentially a safe and effective sedative. Your dentist would combine this with oxygen and administer the gas to you via a small oxygen mask that is fitted over your nose.
Your dentist would then ask you to inhale the gas which would start working immediately, helping your mind and body to relax. You needn’t worry either because nitrous oxide doesn’t make you sleep. This means that you’re very much awake and conscious for the entire duration of the procedure. You can hear the dentist talk to you and even respond through the mask.

The nitrous oxide-oxygen combination has several benefits including:

  • Reducing anxiety and removing fear
  • Reducing painful sensation
  • Creating a sense of joy and pleasure, promoting an overall sense of relief and well-being

After administering laughing gas, your Toluca dentist would ask you to continue breathing as normal. Within a few minutes of administration, the gas would start working. Although nitrous oxide doesn’t necessarily have any side effects, you might feel slightly light-headed or feel a tingling sensation in the arms and legs. Usually, the effects would dissipate as soon as your dentist removes the mask after the procedure.

Why Choose My Dentist Toluca Lake

We are a team of expert dentists who have extensive experience in the field of sedation dentistry. We will make sure that your experience at our clinic is comfortable and satisfying. All our treatment plans are highly cost-effective and the most competitive in the market. To schedule an appointment with us, call 818-483-9077 and come visit us for a consultation with our team to learn more about sedation dentistry and how it can help you relax better.

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