Types of Braces: Metal, Ceramic, Invisalign

Your dentist in Toluca Lake would generally advise braces to help improve your orofacial look. If you have twisted teeth, over or underbite, incorrect jaw position, or jaw joint disorder, braces can help. Besides that, it’s important to correct these problems in time. If left untreated they can cause dental problems. These might include tooth decay, gum disease, headache, ear pain, or problem speaking, biting, and chewing.
Braces have come out as a popular choice for many today – not just teens but adults alike. There is no correct age to get braces and they’re available in several choices too. Toluca Lake dentist can help guide you on the most appropriate type of braces suitable for your dental problem.

Different Types of Braces

If you choose to get braces from My Dentist Toluca Lake dental office, you’d have several options to choose from. Depending on your convenience and budget, you can ask your dentist to help you make the right choice. For your better understanding, we’ve enlisted below the most popular types of braces available at our dental office.

Metal Braces

Metal braces are the oldest and most traditional forms of aligners. Dental care centers across the world use this. People prefer them for their efficiency in correcting extremely overcrowded teeth. Besides that, they are also relatively cheaper than their Invisalign counterparts. Most important, the chances of misplacing your braces are none. This is because they stay fixed; once fitted into your teeth.
However, one major drawback that metal braces have is the metal smile. A mouth full of metal comes to the fore as you smile in front of others. Many who’re particularly conscious of their facial appearance don’t appreciate it. Yet, metal braces are reasonably stronger and more long-lasting than Invisalign or ceramic braces.

Ceramic Braces

They work similarly to metal braces in tooth or bite correction, except that they are transparent or tooth-colored. Therefore, they are slightly more esthetically preferable over grey or metallic silver brackets and wires. This is ideal for the look-conscious section. They are hardly noticeable over your teeth.
Ceramic braces also present multiple color choices as against metal ones. The latter only comes in a single metallic grey shade. Ask your dentist in Toluca Lake to help you choose the right shade that exactly matches your tooth color. However, they do cost higher than the metal ones and may be less durable too. There’s the possibility of ceramic braces breaking off or even getting stains easily. In this case, the staining would generally remain until their next replacement.

Invisalign Braces

The latest innovation in braces technology, Invisalign offers the best possible choice to those who want no compromise on their looks. They are also known as clear aligners because they’re invisible or clear on the teeth. They are hardly noticeable. They’re also extremely comfortable to wear. This is because they’re soft and made of plastic. However, they may be higher in cost compared to their counterparts.

Why Choose Us for Your Braces?

My Dentist Toluca Lake is your best go-to option if you’re considering getting braces in the Toluca Lake area. The dental office has expert staff, including highly knowledgeable dentists, and has all the latest dental care equipment.
You may call us at 818-483-9077 to book an appointment with our dentists. They’d be happy to guide you through all our braces options available. Our experts also assist you in making the right choice.

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