Dental Fillings Toluca Lake: Everything You Need to Know

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It’s important to keep our teeth healthy. However, they sometimes decay because of the cavity. Tooth decay may happen for any reason. The most common reason is poor oral hygiene. However, the good news is that you can restore your decayed tooth to normal shape and functioning. Dental fillings in Toluca Lake make restoring your tooth to normal shape easy.

What is a Dental Filling?

A filing helps restore the teeth in which you notice damage because of decay. In fact, dental fillings protect the tooth against further decay and damage. Besides, fillings work by blocking the decayed tooth using special filling material. Once the tooth is blocked, it prevents further decay to occur. As a result, it returns to normalcy to the somewhat-damaged tooth.

Types of fillings at My Dentist Toluca Lake

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If your tooth hurts and the pain seems to be increasing in frequency and strength, it’s time to consult your dentist in Toluca Lake. They would first check your teeth to determine signs of any cavity or tooth decay. If the dentist notices a cavity, he might recommend getting a dental filling.
The filling material might vary depending on the extent of tooth damage and whether the patient is allergic to certain materials. Generally, there are the following types of fillings:

  • Gold fillings – These are generally very long-lasting for almost up to 20 years. They are also tolerated well by gum tissues. Therefore, dentists and patients both prefer this. The only drawback is their color. Besides, it needs multiple follow-ups for maintenance.
  • Amalgam or silver fillings – Comparatively cheaper than gold inlays, they resist daily wear-and-tear extremely well. Their drawback lies is their easily noticeable dark color. This the look-conscious people don’t like. People generally don’t prefer it for front teeth fillings.
  • Composite or plastic resins – They cover-up for the silver filling drawbacks, matching up to the same shade as your tooth color. This lends the tooth a natural look, particularly in easily visible areas such as front teeth. The only drawback lies is their possibility of getting chipped or easily worn over time.
  • Porcelain fillings – The experts commonly refer to them as onlays. Besides they are generally bonded to the tooth. They can be made to match the exact tooth color and are stain-resistant too.

How We Handle Dental Filling?

The dentists at My dentist Toluca Lake are knowledgeable in handling all different types of dental fillings at the clinic. They would even guide you on the particular filling to go for as per your need and budget limitations.
This is how your dentist would go about placing a dental filling over your tooth:

  1. The expert staff in My Dentist Toluca Lake would first remove the decayed tooth material.
  2. They would then thoroughly clean the affected area.
  3. As per your choice and a specific requirement, they would fill the area with the desired filling material. This would help block all spaces in and around the tooth, preventing the entry of bacteria.
  4. Your dentist would guide you on what to expect after the filling and how to take care thereafter.

Dental fillings are becoming increasingly common because of changing eating habits. Tooth decays are common too. It’s important to seek timely professional assistance. This is where My Dentist Toluca Lake can help. Call 818-483-9077 to visit the clinic for more details.

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