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teeth whitening

Teeth whitening at Toluca Lake is a fast and easy way to enhance the whiteness of the teeth and glorify your smile largely.
Did you ever receive a treatment that includes crowning or bridging? Those are interventional dental procedures. In contrast, teeth whitening is less interventional. In addition, it is painless and is performed in a short period of time. The experts at My Dentist Toluca Lake conduct the procedures of whitening teeth and give recommendations for at-home dental care.

Why Consider Teeth Whitening Services?

There are many reasons why you must consider teeth whitening services. Our dentists will take you through the pros and cons of performing teeth whitening procedures when you wish to visit us at any given time.
However, as per the American Dental Association, here are some of the best reasons that will help you in understanding the importance of opting for Teeth Whitening in Toluca Lake.
Tooth enamel is in the form of many shades. Over some time, it changes its color and gets stained. We have analyzed why it happens and have listed the reasons below:

  • Genetic disorders – teeth disorders are usually considered to be genetic issues.
  • Aging factors
  • Injuries causing teeth to become stained
  • Illness
  • Side-effects of medications
  • Tobacco usages
  • Eating food and drinking liquids that hurts the teeth. A few examples are berries, coffee, red wine, etc.
  • Too much fluoride usage when teeth are growing

Teeth Whitening is a process that helps you in making your teeth look better and whiter. Do it at-home tooth whitening products are also available on the market. However, it is advised that if you are opting for our teeth whitening services, then you let the dentists at My Dentist Toluca Lake perform the whitening procedure. Using high-level and advanced technologies, we will ensure that your teeth are healthy and appear brighter and whiter than before.

What Are the Processes We Follow to Whiten Your Teeth?


The processes involved in teeth whitening are quite simple. Whitening products consist of elements such as hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. These bleaches are capable of breaking stains into tiny, smaller pieces that make your teeth brighter.
Therefore, our expert dentists with the right expertise and skills in this specific field recommend whitening. First, our team will apply the gel to the areas where the treatment might cause any harm. This includes using the gel on your gum areas so that it can be protected from getting damaged. Then, they will apply the product to your teeth which will help to whiten them. It usually takes about half an hour to an hour to complete the treatment. You can expect the results within three weeks.

Why Choose My Dentist Toluca Lake?

Many dental clinics are offering such services. What’s different do we do? Why must you choose us? Well, when it comes to our dentists, we make sure that we hire the best Toluca Lake Dentist across the town who knows everything about dental issues and problems. They have the right expertise and experience to handle all the exceptional cases. Apart from this, we have the latest advanced technologies in-store that help you in resolving all your teeth disorders within minutes.

To Sum Up

My Dentist Toluca Lake is an ideal abode to make your smile beautiful. The experts here use the latest technology that is trouble-free and the ambiance is pleasant and hygienic. The clinic ensures that visiting them should be a treatment for the patients. Besides, we are committed to gifting you a beautiful sparkling smile!

For more information, you can call on our contact number 818-483-9077, and book an appointment.

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