The Lowdown on Dental Plaque

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The lowdown on plaque and tartar plaque is a dull film of bacteria that covers the teeth. A person’s food practices can contribute to plaque accumulation. Though plaque is sticky, it is easy to eliminate with a good oral hygiene schedule.

Plaque is one of the most common complaints that frequently make people visit a dentist. Plaque, to put in simple words, forms when damage-causing bacteria attach to the surface of tooth enamel, creating a sticky film. However, this can accumulate and strengthen around tooth and gum margins. The bacteria existing in the plaque release acids that deteriorate tooth enamel and surge the danger of the tooth falling off. The bacteria and their acids also increase the hazard of gum inflammation.

The Lowdown on the Best Plaque-Busters that Can Support Keep Your Mouth Cavity-Free: Dentist Toluca Lake

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  • Toothpaste

Select a toothpaste comprising ingredients designed to avoid plaque. An anti-bacterial material called triclosan in toothpaste claims to lessen plaque. Some others comprise a plaque-dissolving formula that breaks the bonds attaching plaque to the tooth surface.

  • Polyphenols

Red wine, green tea, and cranberry juice contain substances called polyphenols that cut plaque formation and prevent cavity-causing bacteria from sticking to teeth. A study by experts states that drinks such as cranberry juice may help sweep away up to 50 percent more cavity-causing bacteria from the mouth. Polyphenols can also help avoid oral bacteria from creating acids that melt tooth enamel.

  • Plaque-Busting Gum

Chew on gums comprising Xylitol or Sorbitol, sugar alternatives that have a plaque-reducing outcome. Xylitol cannot be utilized by oral bacteria and they go hungry. As the bacteria perish, there is a drop in deterioration. An assessment by experts in Dental Medicine found that those who chew dental gums habitually have 30 to 60 percent less deterioration.

  • Olive Oil

Limit plaque formation and toughen teeth by adding olive oil to salads and cooking. Researchers studied the anti-cavity properties of olive oil. They believe this oil has unexpectedly low levels of tooth deterioration and gum disease. They found out that olive oil holds oleuropein, an anti-bacterial compound that stops ‘gram-negative’ bacteria — the type that leads to gum disease and bone loss — from linking to teeth. Olive oil also coats the teeth with a film of fat molecules that stops plaque from creating. Other dietary fats and oils also support deactivating acids formed by bacterial plaque.

  • Professional Help

While plaque-lessening toothpaste, gums, and drinks can reduce the rate of plaque creation, they are improbable to eradicate it completely. At home, experts suggest regular flossing to clean out food trapped between teeth. An electric toothbrush will remove plaque more efficiently than a regular one. Nevertheless, if it builds up under the gums, and increases the danger of gum disease significantly. And the best way to avoid that is by seeing a dentist who can eradicate the deposits with high-quality equipment.

However, we give exhausting efforts to confirm that the dental treatments we practice in our clinic are safe. Most importantly, it should accomplish the quality and hygiene requirements of an up-to-date dental consultancy. We at My Dentist Toluca Lake go beyond all guidelines in relation to controlling contamination and disinfection of instruments.

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