Dental Hygiene and Prophylaxis in Toluca Lake

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Prophylaxis is a more professional term. This is used in dentistry for a professional dental cleaning. It’s a highly significant and almost indispensable part of overall dental hygiene. We recommend a dental cleaning in Toluca Lake at least twice a year, every six months. A simple and routine preventive measure, prophylaxis in Toluca Lake can help identify cavities, signs of gum disease, or tooth loss in the long run. Most important, early diagnosis of such problems can prevent long and costly procedures like fillings or treatment of gum disease.

Why Do You Need Prophylaxis?

Only at-home cleaning is not enough for oral hygiene

If you think professional dental cleaning is not for you, think again. Sometimes dental cleaning at home may just not be enough. This is particularly true of current lifestyles, which are getting unhealthier.

You can treat tiny dental issues before they get big

Besides that, there may always be dental wear off and tiny dental issues creeping in all the time. You need a professional dentist to look for such problems in your teeth before they get bigger and costlier too. This is why My Dentist Toluca Lake strongly recommends routine visits for checking your dental hygiene at the dental office.

Improve your overall health

Not to forget, dental hygiene is particularly associated with overall health. Dental problems have often been related to oral cancer, diabetes, or heart-stroke. If you ignore periodontal disease it may not only lead to tooth loss but bacteria may also move from the mouth to the bloodstream. This may cause diseases in other parts of the body.

Improve your teeth appearance

Your dentist may also be able to correct staining over teeth through prophylaxis. Dental staining is common with age or regular enamel wear-off. The dentist at Toluca Lake can take care of this easily during routine visits.

Protect children’s teeth

Meanwhile, dental hygiene and maintenance are particularly necessary for children. It is important because a) of their unhealthy eating habits, and b) their milk teeth need to be protected for stronger and healthier permanent teeth. Your Toluca Lake dentist would be able to guide you on the necessary preventive measures for your child’s dental health.

What Happens During Prophylaxis at Toluca Lake Clinic?

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As mentioned earlier, prophylaxis in Toluca Lake is a plain simple preventive measure. However, it’s highly important. This is generally recommended to be done twice a year. Prophylaxis can help remove dental plaque, tartar, or other such cavity-forming bacteria from the mouth. These may not always be targeted through everyday brushing and flossing.


Your Toluca Lake dentist would start by taking a simple X-ray of your entire mouth to check for potential problem areas. The dentist would then review the result to determine any signs of tooth decay. Depending on the result of the oral exam, your dentist would chart out the probable treatment procedures that may be required.


Most commonly, your dentist in Toluca Lake would begin by removing plaque deposits from your teeth. To do this the dentists follow an ultrasonic dental cleaning, and scaling and root planing. Well, these are the common procedures of dental hygiene at the Toluca Lake clinic.


Besides that, your dentist may also discuss other treatment plans with you depending on the issue at hand. They may also go for teeth whitening/polishing, if you wish so, or if they deem necessary, to beautify your smile.
In case the dentist observes any signs of dental tartar, they may use a special tool to remove it. In addition, if any early signs of gum disease or periodontal disease are present, your Toluca Lake dentist would take necessary measures to correct them too. This is why regular prophylaxis is all the more important.

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