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Do you have severe tooth pain? Are your teeth sensitive and hurt? Do you have trouble chewing food with some teeth? Those are some of the signs that you might need a root canal. Keep reading to learn about a root canal and what to expect during a root canal in Toluca Lake.

What Is a Root Canal?

In simple words, the root canal refers to the natural cavity found in the center of the tooth. The soft part within the root canal is the pulp.

When Do You Need Root Canal in Toluca Lake?

Sometimes a tooth can get badly decayed or damaged. Then perhaps the only way to save the infected tooth is to repair it via root canal treatment. If left untreated, the tissue around the infected tooth might get infected too. This results in the formation of abscesses or inflammation. Have in mind, that those are some of the cases when you need a root canal in Toluca Lake.

What happens during a root canal in Toluca Lake?

1. Evaluation and examination

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Your Toluca Lake dentist would first take an X-ray to determine the shape of the root canal of your tooth. The X-ray would also let your dentist know of any possible signs of infection in the bone surrounding the particular tooth.

2. Sedation

During the root canal treatment, your dentist may use local anesthetic procedures, which would trigger numbness in the area surrounding the tooth. Although the nerve of the infected tooth is already dead and anesthesia may not be necessary but the dentist at Toluca Lake dental clinic may still use it to make you more comfortable and relaxed during the procedure. Additional sedation methods are also available to comfort children and the most anxious patients.

3. Root canal treatment

Your dentist in Toluca Lake would remove the nerve that lies within the root canal and the pulp of the decayed tooth. They would then clean the inside of the tooth and seal it. This procedure is known as the root canal. It may involve more than just one sitting at the dentist’s office.

4. Covering the recovered tooth

After performing the root canal procedure, your dentist would recommend some kind of cover for the recovered tooth. You can get a crown cap, a permanent filling, or other such means. Any of those can protect the tooth from further damage, breaking or falling off, and restore it to normal functioning.

5. Prevent future decays

Our dentist, at the end of the procedure, would guide you on preventative measures. Our dentist may also ask you to maintain good oral hygiene moving forward to prevent tooth decay in the future. It’s important to brush twice a day, floss at least once daily, and use a mouthwash rinse as recommended by your Toluca Lake dentist. Most importantly you need to have a dental checkup at our clinic at least twice a year. This will ensure that we can take care of minor dental problems before they become major one. If taken good care of, the tooth on which root canal procedure has been performed can last a lifetime. Generally, the success rate of root canal treatments by our dentists is quite high. You may discuss further preventive measures to follow the root canal treatment with your expert dentist at the My Dentist Toluca Lake clinic.

Why Choose My Dentist Toluca Lake?

Our team of dentists has extensive experience and knowledge in the field of dentistry. They have performed quite a many successful root canal procedures on patients to date. Besides, we understand that each patient’s dental needs are different. We, therefore, recommend treatment plans to our patients only after thoroughly understanding their individual dental needs.
If we don’t feel the need for a root canal treatment, we suggest alternative means of repairing the decayed tooth. We assure you, that you will receive complete professional assistance at our clinic from our expert dental team.

Our dental services are prompt and delivered with gentle affection and a smile. You can trust us to be competitively priced in the market as well. All our treatment packages are first discussed with the patients in detail during the consultation session with our dentists. And only after you’re happy we would proceed with the procedures.

Willing to give us a try for resolving your prolonged dental issues? Do give us a call at 818-483-9077. Schedule an appointment for a consultation.

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