Tooth Reshaping and Dental Contouring


Faultiness like a little meeting or irregularly shaped teeth, minute chips in the teeth, or extremely pointy cuspids, can habitually be fixed with a little tooth reshaping and dental contouring.

Tooth Reshaping: What Is It?

Tooth reshaping, as well called dental contouring, is a superficial dentistry practice that eliminates small amounts of tooth enamel to change the shape, length, or surface of one or more teeth. At times, even a few millimeters of diminution in the right places can actually perk up the look of teeth. However, the process is habitually combined with bonding, a cosmetic dentistry treatment that uses tooth-colored composite material to shape the teeth.

What’s Involved in Tooth Reshaping and Dental Contouring?

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Tooth Reshaping Toluca Lake is executed by using dental instruments and abrasion techniques. Generally, Dental X-rays may be taken ahead of the reshaping and contouring to confirm that your teeth are hale and hearty. Your dentist will then spot your teeth with a pen to highlight zones that necessitate sculpting. However, a sanding instrument is often used to artfully eradicate imperfections on the surface of the teeth, and sandpaper-like strips may be used to outline the sides of the teeth. Lastly, the teeth are leveled and polished.

Advantages of Dental Contouring Toluca Lake

  • Non-invasive method
  • Simple cosmetic practice
  • Economical than most other cosmetic treatments
  • Can fix minor problems, like cracks and stains
  • Don’t need anesthesia or pain medications
  • Ends in one session
  • Curtails the hazard of future dental problems
  • Instantaneously improves your smile
  • Lasting results

If you are looking to know whether tooth reshaping and dental contouring are right for you; let’s discuss.
So, tooth reshaping and dental contouring are best for people who just need minute repairs to perk up the look of their teeth. At times, tooth reshaping and dental contouring are the first steps toward more extensive cosmetic dentistry work. Measures such as veneers, tooth whitening, and crown lengthening can be executed months or even years after tooth reshaping and contouring.

However, if you want to sidestep the time and cost of major cosmetic dentistry, tooth reshaping and dental contouring could be just the ticket to a healthier smile.
At My Dentist Toluca Lake, we have dentists who are experienced, empathetic, and here to guarantee a relaxed experience for every patient. From yearly teeth cleanings to specialized treatments and surgeries, we execute everything under one roof. So, we cater to patients of all ages. Supplementary services include exams, teeth whitening, dental implants, porcelain veneers, dentures, crowns and bridges, periodontal treatments, and root canals.

Is Contouring Comfortable: Dentist Toluca Lake

Tooth contouring is truly a comfortable practice as it only involves eliminating enamel. So, the enamel is the utmost layer of the teeth. However, it doesn’t contain any nerve endings. Intrinsically, shaving off extra enamel doesn’t cause any discomfort or pain, so you don’t even need anesthesia.

Schedule Your Reshaping and Teeth Contouring at Our Dental Clinic

The My Dentist Toluca Lake is one of the most dependable dentist offices in Toluca Lake for teeth contouring and reshaping procedures. Generally, Dr. Sahakyan is the most dependable Toluca Lake Dentist, specializing in cosmetic dentistry and prosthodontics. He uses up-to-date dental techniques to address your cosmetic concerns, whatsoever they might be. So, if you’re unhappy with your tooth length, shape, or look; don’t get upset. Schedule an appointment at our dental clinic in Toluca Lake.

Perk up the appearance of your smile with tooth contouring. Book your appointment with us now! Contact us right now for more information. Give us a call at 818-483-9077 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Sahakyan.

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