Root End Procedures Can Save Teeth

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Do you have a tooth that has already had root canal treatment and is still having problems? This tooth may be a candidate for a root-end procedure. At My Dentist Toluca Lake, we saved many teeth through this advantageous procedure.
Root end practice is an umbrella term for three separate procedures done in conjunction. These are simple procedures to treat dental abscesses at the end of a tooth root. Our Dr. Sahakyan does them on teeth that completely have had root canal treatment or will have the treatment done the same day.

Subsequently, a tooth has a dental abscess, bacteria are present in the tooth and the bone neighboring the tooth. In this environment, the immune system cannot dispel the bacteria as there is no blood supply in the tooth. In this situation, bacteria in the tooth replicate and tumble into the adjacent bone. A root canal practice treats the bacteria inside the tooth. This technique alone is generally sufficient to let the bacteria in the bone dissipate. When the root canal practice siphons off the root end, the immune system typically has the power to regulate the bacteria in the bone, and it starts to dissipate. Nevertheless, in a minority of circumstances, this is not the situation. It is in these cases that the root-end procedures can be effective.

Root Canal Treatment Procedure

In case, the bacteria continue at the end of the root even after root canal treatment, there are two choices: repeating the root canal or doing a root end practice. Root canal retreatment is perfect if there is a deceptive deficit in the root canal. It could take in a missed canal or short root fill. If the pre-existing root canal action is perfect, generally there is no point in repeating it. Hence, going direct to a root end procedure is the most logical one. One key benefit of a root end process over redoing a root canal to address enduring symptoms is the root end procedure directly eliminates any bacteria at the end of the root. Conversely, redoing a root canal will only generate an environment where the bacteria around the bacteria may start to dispel.
Root end procedures are valuable as they save teeth that else necessitate subtraction. Even though they are practice-sensitive and advanced equipment is essential, the procedure is fairly straightforward with a relaxed retrieval. If you are looking for a dentist in the Toluca Lake area, please give My Dentist Toluca Lake a call!

How a Root Canal Can Save the Tooth: Dentist Toluca Lake


During the process, our dentist will eliminate the inflamed pulp material and sanitize the pulp chamber and root canal suitably. After sanitizing the area, the dentist will seal the breach with a filling material called gutta-percha. Subsequently, the next step is to wrap the affected tooth with a crown to toughen and shield it from damage.
The tooth will look natural and will last to function completely for many years to come. Without the suggested root canal treatment, there is a hazard that the contamination will spread further and may cause puffiness and jawbone contamination, which can be harmful to overall well-being. At that point, there will be no other substitute than to eradicate the tooth.

Root End Procedures Toluca Lake

Contact us immediately for more information. You may choose to give us a call at 818-483-9077 and book an appointment with Dr. Sahakyan. Our Toluca Lake Dentist would take away the nerve that lies within the root canal and the pulp of the decomposed tooth. They would subsequently, clean the inside of the tooth and seal it.

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