Getting That Perfect Smile With Dental Veneers


Feeling embarrassed to smile with stained, broken, chipped teeth? The good news is now you have a way out. Wondering what? The answer is Dental veneers. Furthermore, these are designed with ultra-thin flex technology, and the front of the teeth dentures looks like a set of ideal teeth and gums.
Dental veneers are wafer-thin, specially-made shells of tooth-colored materials planned to wrap the front surface of teeth to perk up your look. So, these shells are tied to the front of the teeth changing their color, size, shape, or length.

Do Veneers Improve My Smile?

Yes! Veneers can give you a straighter smile with no pain and the hassle of braces. The veneers restyle your teeth to make them show more aligned. However, this cosmetic action works best on small misalignments. Veneers can mask a breach, lengthen short teeth, and wrap a crooked smile.

The Benefits of Dental Veneers

  • Conked out or chipped teeth
  • Severe staining or irregular coloring that can’t be fixed with whitening
  • Breach in the teeth
  • Smaller-than-average teeth
  • Sharp or uncommonly shaped teeth

Which Type of Veneer Is Best: Dentist Toluca Lake

How do you decide which type of veneer is best for you? Let’s discuss a few factors you need to consider:

  • Price tag
  • Length of time of the installation procedure
  • Look at the veneers
  • The durability of the veneers
  • Recommendation from dentists

You may be astonished to know how much of a difference a dental veneer can make, taking you from a chipped, broken, distorted, or discolored tooth to a uniformly shaped, naturally colored tooth.

Protection of Veneer

Upholding dental veneers is reasonably trouble-free. You may maintain them like your original teeth with regular brushing and flossing. Using a non-abrasive fluoride toothpaste will usually be recommended by your dentist. Most dentists would suggest a follow-up visit, one week once your veneers are placed to assess how your mouth is responding to the veneers.
Do you have a tendency of grinding or clenching your teeth? If so, your dentist may fit you with a night-time bite protector so you do not harm your veneers. Furthermore, it is also suggested that you go back to your dentist once every six months for usual professional protection.

Improve Your Smile with Dental Veneers Toluca Lake


We are a premier dental implant center in Toluca Lake. Every year we at My
Dentist Toluca Lake conducts hundreds of dental implant surgeries and brings smiles to the faces of patients. We are proud to be the most principled dental clinic around.

Our credence in straightforward and transparent interactions with patients has made us a favored dental clinic in Toluca Lake. We are committed to offering our patients a good veneer that is totally imperceptible, blending in with the adjoining natural teeth and complementing the face in general.

Since veneers are everlasting, it’s necessary to get all the information prior to deciding to get them. Dental veneers are an excellent choice for addressing a range of physical and aesthetic problems with your teeth. So, make an appointment with our dentist to learn if dental veneers are the correct solution for improving self-confidence in your smile.
Veneers sound great, right? Call at 818-483-9077 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sahakyan, your Toluca Lake Dentist. My Dentist Toluca Lake assures to give you a perfect smile that is a must for job interviews, meetings, and dates or social outings. We follow firm sterilization protocols with superior safety measures. Let veneers be the secret to a perfect smile.

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